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Helping to maintain your freedom and independence by making your home’s safety our #1 priority.

About Us

360 Home Safety specializes in your home’s safety.  General safety, fall prevention, fire safety, crime prevention, and preparedness often go overlooked until it is too late.  Our focus is families with small children, seniors aging at home, those with cognitive impairments like Autism or Dementia, or anyone wishing to provide a safe environment in their home.


Founded on nearly three decades of service to the community as a volunteer firefighter and law enforcement professional tasked with the preservation of life and property. You can trust our professional team’s attention to detail.


General Home Safety

Our certified and fully insured Home Safety Assessment Specialists utilize a 350+ point checklist when performing your Home Safety Assessment.  We provide a detailed report noting safety concerns and our recommendations for remedy.

Fall Prevention

360 Home Safety will help to prevent falls in your home.  We will evaluate the driveway, sidewalks, exterior stairs, flooring and transitions, interior stairs, railings, and walkways to eliminate and prevent fall hazards which could lead to injury or hospitalization.

Fire Safety/Prevention

360 Home Safety evaluates storage of flammable materials, utilities, appliances, and fire/smoke detection and notification devices to help prevent fires and burns.


Having small children in the home can cause anxiety over safety concerns and can sometimes prove to be overwhelming.  Our home safety assessment will provide you with peace of mind that your home is safe for all members of your family.

Crime Prevention

360 Home Safety will evaluate the exterior design, lighting, and access points to find vulnerabilities to the criminal element. 

Emergency Preparedness

Natural and manmade disasters can occur without notice.  We will evaluate your family’s preparedness for sustainability during a long term emergency situation.

Certified as a Senior Home Safety Specialist by Age Safe America.

Member of the International Association for Child Safety.

“We recently had a home safety assessment from 360 Home Safety.  We were very happy with the information we received and learned of hazards that we were unaware of.  The owner was very professional.  The assessment does not take a long time and is not intrusive.”

Deborah, Client

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